What is the shortest notice required to book a transfer?

Online bookings are accepted at least 24 hours before the transfer.
If less than 24 hours are left, please, contact us by phone or email, and we will try to find a solution for you.

How can I book a transfer to the airport?

Please provide your pickup address in the designated field on the form, and for the drop-off address, kindly indicate either Varna Airport or Sofia Airport.

Will my driver take me to the hotel?

If you wish to book a transfer to your hotel, please enter the hotel's name and address in the "Drop-off Address" field during the booking form.
Our driver will transport you directly to your hotel, and the hotel's location does not affect the transfer price.

I can’t find my route. What can I do?

Please provide the required location names, airports, or train/bus stations in the "Pick-up Adress" and "Drop-off Adress" fields to specify your route.
You can submit a custom transfer request if there are no available transfers for your specific route.
We will then search for a suitable transfer based on your request and send the details to your email address.

What if I am traveling with children?

Children are considered passengers as well.
You can request child seats in the "Special Instructions" field during your transfer booking process.
We will provide child seats at no additional cost.
Your driver will ensure that the child seats are properly installed to ensure the safety of your children throughout the journey.

What if I don't know my flight number?

If you receive last-minute flight information just before departure, please enter the city you are flying from in the "Flight number" field during the booking process.
We will proceed with your reservation, but it is important to inform us about your flight number as soon as it becomes available.
Providing us with the flight number will help us ensure a smooth and timely arrangement for your transfer.

What pick-up time should I specify?

When booking a transfer from the airport, please provide your arrival time as indicated on your ticket. The driver will track your flight based on the flight number provided.
Suppose you are booking a transfer to the airport. In that case, you can calculate your departure time by subtracting 3 hours (as a general rule) and the duration of the trip to the airport (specified on the form field) from the departure time specified on your ticket.
For example, if your flight departure time is 2:00 PM and the trip to the airport takes 1 hour, you would need to specify a departure time of 10:00 AM.
Setting a departure time will ensure that you arrive at the airport with sufficient time for check-in and other necessary procedures.

How to specify my address?

When filling out the Drop-Off Address form section, please provide the name of your hotel or the specific destination address.
If you have a hotel voucher, you can conveniently copy the hotel address from it.
However, if you are still determining the address, you must verbally explain where you intend to go to the driver.
Rest assured, the transfer price covers transportation to any point within the designated location limits, allowing you to choose your desired drop-off location.

Booking return transfer ?

To book a return transfer, check the "Two-Way" checkbox when filling out the booking form.
This option allows you to arrange transportation for your arrival and departure conveniently.
The price for the return transfer remains the same as the direct one, ensuring a consistent and convenient pricing structure for your entire journey.

How can I make sure that my booking was accepted?

Once your booking payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation email containing your booking number and transfer details.
Additionally, within 24 hours, one of our representatives will contact you via phone or email to confirm the details and ensure we can successfully arrange the transfer according to your requirements.

Will I be able to change the data in my order?

We offer complimentary order changes; however, please note that changes can only be made free of charge up to one day before your scheduled trip. 

To request any modifications, don't hesitate to contact our support team via email at info@lightingtransfers.com

They will happily assist you with the necessary changes to your booking.

How to find my driver?

Upon arrival, your driver will greet you by holding a nameplate displaying your name.
If you are being picked up at the airport, the driver will wait for you in the arrival hall.
In the case of a transfer from your hotel, the driver will meet you in the hotel lobby or reception area.
Rest assured, and our drivers will be easily identifiable and ready to assist you upon arrival or departure.

Can I be sure that the driver will meet me?

We assure you that our drivers are dedicated to meeting you and providing excellent service.
They will have access to your phone number, and you will also have their contact information.
When you enter the arrival hall, please be attentive to the nameplates and ensure your phone is switched on, as the driver may contact you directly. As a specialist in car transfers, we strictly monitor order performance, and transfer failures are extremely rare.
You can confidently trust our commitment to delivering a reliable and seamless transfer experience.

If the flight is delayed?

If you become aware of a flight delay, we kindly request that you contact your assigned driver or our staff promptly.
Please provide them with your booking number and the updated time of your arrival.
This will allow us to make the necessary adjustments and ensure that your driver is informed about the revised schedule.
Open communication regarding any changes will help us provide the best possible service and accommodate your delayed arrival.

If the flight arrived earlier?

If you happen to arrive before the scheduled transfer start time, it is possible that your driver may not be present immediately.
In such cases, we kindly request you to remain in the arrival hall and wait for your driver.
You may also text your driver, informing them that you are staying in the arrival hall.
Texting the driver will allow the driver to coordinate with you and ensure a smooth meeting.
Your patience and communication will greatly assist in providing a timely and hassle-free transfer experience.

How to contact the driver?

Once your payment is completed within 24 hours, our representative will contact you and provide the driver's contact number.
In case of a flight delay or cancellation, we kindly request that you directly call or text the driver.
It's important to note that drivers may not have sufficient time to monitor changes in the airport tracking system continuously.
You can ensure effective communication regarding any updates or modifications to your flight schedule by contacting the driver directly.

What if I can’t find my driver?

Before your trip, we will provide you with the driver's phone number for your reference.
While it is unlikely that you will need to use it, as our drivers will also have your contact details, they will proactively reach out to you via phone call or SMS before the scheduled transfer
You can have peace of mind knowing that our drivers specialize in airport transfers, and instances of meeting cancellations are extremely rare.
We prioritize the smooth execution of your transfer and strive to ensure a seamless and reliable experience for all our passengers.

The driver didn’t meet me. What should I do?

In the rare event that you cannot locate your driver at the airport, please double-check the nameplates and ensure that the driver was not momentarily absent when you arrived in the arrival area.
We recommend waiting an additional 5-10 minutes, as the driver might be delayed due to traffic conditions and may have yet to have an opportunity to contact you.
If, after 15 minutes from the scheduled transfer start time, the driver has not arrived or contacted you, please get in touch with us immediately at +359886909509.
Our office assistant will address the situation and find a suitable solution for you.
In the unlikely event that we cannot resolve the issue, you are welcome to take a taxi from the airport, and we will compensate you for the price difference.
Pay for the taxi upon arrival and email us the receipt for reimbursement.
If you depart from a hotel, you can easily book a taxi at the reception desk.

Does the driver speak English?

Yes, all of our drivers speak English, and the driver will have all the main information about the route before the trip.

Will I get back my payment in case of order cancellation?

If you decide to cancel your order at least 24 hours before the scheduled transfer, we will provide a full refund of the payment.
Additionally, if the trip does not occur due to an error on our part, the payment will also be refunded.
Please note that the refund will be processed within five business days using the original payment method.

Is the price for the car or per passenger?

The price is for the car
It doesn’t depend on the number of passengers.
Each vehicle type is provided with passenger and standard luggage capacity information.

Capacity of 4PAX: 4 passengers 4 standart luggage.

Capacity of 5PAX: 5 passengers 5 standart luggage.

Capacity of 8PAX: 8 passengers 8 standart luggage.

Capacity of 12PAX: 12 passengers 12 standart luggage.

Capacity of 14PAX: 14 passengers 14 standart luggage.

What PAX means ?

"Pax" is simply a shorthand term used to refer to passengers.
For instance, a vehicle with a capacity of 4 pax can accommodate up to four passengers.

Capacity of 4PAX: 4 passengers 4 standart luggage.

Capacity of 5PAX: 5 passengers 5 standart luggage.

Capacity of 8PAX: 8 passengers 8 standart luggage.

Capacity of 12PAX: 12 passengers 12 standart luggage.

Capacity of 14PAX: 14 passengers 14 standart luggage.

Should I pay for waiting time?

No, the driver monitors your arrival according to your flight number.
If the flight is late, he will wait for you or arrives later.

Does the price depend on the date of arrival?

No, it doesn’t. You may book your transfer for any date, but not later than 24 hours before your transfer.

How much time does it take to receive the custom transfer calculation?

You will receive a response within 24 hours regarding the feasibility of your transfer request.
If we cannot find a suitable vehicle within that timeframe, we will promptly notify you.
Rest assured. We will continue our search and inform you as soon as we find a suitable vehicle and obtain the corresponding rate for your transfer.